Cancer Zodiac Sign: The Sheltered Crab

Cancer is so called the mother of zodiac signs. Men and women born under the Cancer sign are introspective and serene folk, who love solitude yet care gently for the people surrounding them. This receptive nature, however, makes a Cancerian extremely sensitive and easily hurt. Know all about Cancer zodiac sign, its nature, personality traits and love compatibility.

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Out of the water, under the moon comes the crab.
The crab climbs the heavens, and shines among the stars.
Climb high and search deep, Cancer the soul-searching crab!

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The Cancer Zodiac Sign

Cancer is the fourth sign of the zodiac. Represented by the crab, the Cancer sign is emotional in nature owing to its element, which is water. While sensitive and timid, the Cancer zodiac sign is of cardinal quality, meaning that a Cancer woman is liable to introduce changes. This personality trait makes a Cancer man innovative and original. Did you think that shy and gentle Cancerians would be boring? Think again!

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Cancer Symbol

As the name suggests, the Cancer zodiac sign is represented by the crab, cancer in Latin. The crab is a perfect symbol for the Cancer sign, under whose influence a sensitive soul hides beneath a tough exterior. A Cancer man is caring and vulnerable, however callous he may appear on the outside. The self-effacing nature of the crab, which holes up beneath the ground, also adds to the acute symbolism. The crab was not the only Cancer zodiac symbol, however. Along with the crab, the lobster-like crayfish used to make a popular Cancer logo, both creatures having been called cancer in Latin.

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Cancer Constellation

A zodiac sign exists as a 30°-wide division of the celestial sphere. In the zodiac, the space that the Cancer sign occupies is marked by the constellation of the same name. The Cancer constellation is the smallest and faintest in the zodiac: reminiscent of the Cancer man’s self-effacing nature. Of the Cancer stars, Beta Cancri is the brightest.

Cancer stars from left to right and bottom: Acubens, Asellus Australis, Asellus Borealis, Iota Cancri and Beta Cancri
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Cancer Symbol Text

The glyph ♋ represents the Cancer zodiac sign. This text symbol is subject to different interpretations. Some say the Cancer glyph shows the crab, particularly the claws. Others, however, speak of the Cancer sigil to mean the female breasts, in reference to the motherly sign’s nurturing qualities.

Cancer, you are the moon at night. You may dwell in the dark, yet you always keep a gentle essence of purity in you.
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Cancer Planet

The ruling planet of the Cancer zodiac sign is the Moon. Of the heavenly bodies, otherwise called planets in astrology, the moon is associated with emotion and motherly care. The former is rather empirical, as the gravity of the moon influences, not only the tide, but also human beings, 70% of whom is water. The moon draws to itself the blood and hormones, affecting human mood and energy, not least those of the emotional Cancer.

God of Cancer Sign

Ruled by the moon, the Cancer sign is similarly associated with lunar gods. Foremost of these deities is the Greek goddess Artemis, Diana in Roman mythology. Artemis is the goddess of wildlife and childbirth. Her seclusion in the forest is indeed characteristic of a Cancer woman, who prefers to be left alone than walk around in crowds.

While a virgin in Greek mythology, Artemis is the mother goddess of Ephesus. She exemplifies the caring, nurturing and protective qualities of the mother, whose gentle yet fierce love is likewise found in people born under the Cancer zodiac sign

Cancer Quality

Though timid and reserved, Cancer is a cardinal sign: a zodiac sign that initiates change. A Cancer woman usually devotes this creative energy at home, where she spends most of her time, making things beautiful and raising happy kids. Due to his spiritual nature, a Cancer man’s innovative personality propels him deep into the arts, as well as religion, not excluding the occult.

Cancer, you are the water in the lake: calm, peaceful and sheltered.
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Cancer Element

Similar to Scorpio and Pisces, Cancer zodiac element is water. Water signs are emotional and impressionable. This explains how a Cancer woman is so sensitive, very perceptive, vulnerable and easily hurt.

Psychic Cancer Personality

Born under a water sign, Cancer people have sharp intuition and an uncanny, almost psychic ability to see through people and tune into their thoughts and emotions. In contrast to their Pisces brothers, however, the Cancer-born are selfish enough to switch off this emphatic ability when it proves harmful to them. Cancerians withdraw into their shell.

Pensive Cancer Characteristics

Like a mollusk inside its shell, a Cancer woman is very introspective. She certainly knows herself better than anyone does. While others are scared of being alone, a Cancer woman loves to be by herself, contemplating, appreciating the little things in life. The innately meditative aspect of Cancer zodiac personality lets a person find happiness in solitude.

Cancer Traits


Cancer Strengths and Weaknesses

A Cancer person’s set of strength and weakness depends on the way he handles the inherent qualities of his zodiac sign. Cancer is an impressionable sign, so a Cancer man is naturally appreciative, perceptive, cautious, and hence dependable. In the excesses of these same Cancer sign traits, however, a Cancer man may be too touchy, distrustful, apprehensive and stubborn.

The serene, contemplative Cancer characteristics may also lend a person to a sluggish lifestyle, which other people may perceive as lazy.

The introspective nature of Cancer zodiac traits make a person admirably humble, but possibly too humble for his own good, as this renders him wastefully timid and self-abased.

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Cancer Colors

The lucky color of the Cancer zodiac sign is the color of the moon: white or silver. The color of living nature, green, is also Cancer color — especially emerald green. Associated with the sea, the watery Cancer sign finds another zodiac color in sea green. Additionally, light blue, the color of moonlight, is likewise a Cancer color.

Cancer Birthstone

Moonstone, the gemstone of its ruling planet, is the birthstone for Cancer. Emerald is another Cancer birthstone, widely recognized in the world. Pearl, rock crystal and aquamarine are Cancer gemstones as well. See all Choices of Cancer Birthstone.

Cancer Compatibility

Zodiac signs compatible with Cancer come from earth signs, which include Taurus and Virgo. Of the earth signs the most compatible with Cancer in love is Capricorn, whose constellation sits right across Cancer. Fellow water signs Scorpio and Pisces may also have good chemistry with Cancer. However, a Cancer man may be better off avoiding relationship with a Cancer woman. These two psychics, while certainly having lots in common, would be too wary of each other to get along.

Cancer Season

As seen from the northern half of the earth, the sun travels through the Cancer constellation at the start of summer. The beginning of summer hence became Cancer season in Western astrology. This period usually transpires from June 21 to July 21, which are therefore deemed the Cancer zodiac dates. People whose birthday falls on any of these days are consequently believed to have a Cancer sun sign on their horoscope.

Cancer Dates

While Western astrology places Cancer dates from June 21 to July 21, its Hindu counterpart holds a different view. Hindu astrology is based on the sidereal zodiac, whose calculation — the same method used in astronomy — is quite accurate. In Vedic astrology, Cancer birth dates occur from July 15 to August 16. People born within these days have a Cancer star sign.

Raise your flag, Cancer! Even when you go to the bathroom.
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Author and Cancer

The author, Deomar Pandan, has both his sun sign and ascendant in Cancer. This gives him a highly introspective nature and deeply spiritual disposition. Serene in blissful solitude, he loves nature and the arts. He spends most of his time at home indeed like a crab in its shell. When not doing jewelry and fashion design, he writes and dreams like a truly imaginative Cancer does.

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Published June 12, 2018