TAURUS BIRTHSTONE: 9 Lucky Stones for the Hardworking Bull

The Taurus is a hard worker. Usually set on the beaten path, he works hard to enjoy the good life, and often ends up the wealthiest. The monotonous lifestyle he is disposed to, however, renders the Taurine susceptible to depression. Fortunately, choices of Taurus birthstone exist that not only support, but also control and complement the Bull’s earthy nature.

Taurus Birthstone
Derived from work of Mauro Cateb, CC BY-SA 3.0

Lapis Lazuli

The foundations of the city’s wall were adorned with all kinds of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, lapis lazuli …

— Revelation 21:19

Lapis lazuli is the Taurus birthstone from the Bible. The Hebrew sappir,1 sappheiros in Greek,2 was a gemstone found on Aaron’s breastplate in Exodus. While this sappheiros, sapphiros in the Book of Revelation,3 has been widely interpreted to mean the modern sapphire, the name actually referred to lapis lazuli. Known as sapphirus4 and sappiri in Latin, the ancient sapphire, as described by 1st-century writer Pliny, was a blue gemstone that was never transparent and had golden spots,5 in reference to the flecks of fool’s gold on the lapis lazuli. While the blue corundum later took over the name sapphire, lapis lazuli is the actual gemstone on the priestly breastplate. The 2nd Foundation Stone of Revelation, lapis lazuli is accordingly the birthstone of the 2nd sign of the zodiac, Taurus.

Furthermore, in Chaldaic tradition, lapis lazuli is associated with Venus.6 Venus’ rulership over the zodiac sign makes lapis lazuli the planetary Taurus birthstone. See also —

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Though the result of mistaken identity as the biblical sapphiros — which otherwise referred to lapis lazuli — sapphire has traditionally been accepted as Taurus birthstone.

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According to Chaldean tradition, emerald is the stone of Venus.7 This planet’s rulership over the zodiac sign makes emerald the planetary Taurus birthstone.

Emerald is the intensely green variety of beryl.

White Zircon

Besides emerald, white zircon is also associated with Venus in Chaldaic tradition,6 and is hence an alternate planetary Taurus birthstone.

White zircon is a brilliant clear gemstone that resembles diamond, and is a popular substitute for the latter.


In the 1500s, garnet under the name carbuncle was listed among the gems of Venus.6 This makes garnet an alternate planetary Taurus birthstone.

Though found in a wide variety of colors, garnet is most popular in red.


Malachite is a bright green gemstone that often has undulating bands. This gemstone was recommended by a zodiacal authority, Rupert Gleadow, as Taurus birthstone in keeping with the color of the sign’s ruling planet, Venus.

Albeit opaque, malachite is green like emerald, and must have been considered by the Romans to be among the many varieties of the green gem. Malachite must have been the Median or Cyprian “emerald” of Rome.8

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In Hindu astrology, diamond is the stone of Venus.9 Venus’ rulership over the zodiac sign makes diamond the planetary Taurus birthstone. While Indians are now aware of the different colors of diamond, the variety that popularly represents Venus in India is the white diamond.

Diamond is the hardest and most brilliant of gems. See also —

Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is a pink Taurus gemstone.10

As the name suggests, rose quartz is the rose or pink variety of quartz.

From Teravolt at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0


Azurite is a Taurus birthstone11 that echoes the intense color of the zodiac sign’s biblical stone, lapis lazuli.

Azurite is a blue gemstone closely related to the green malachite.


Discovered only in the 1700s, aventurine was unknown to the ancients, who consequently could not attribute metaphysical properties to the gem. Its green color, however, links aventurine to Taurus via its ruling planet. The color of Venus is green, and aventurine is an outstanding choice of green gemstone for fashion jewelry.

Aventurine is a variety of chalcedony characterized by a glittering effect called aventurescence. Platy inclusions of fuchsite give this green gem its sparkling look.

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Taurus Birthstone Color

Would you pick a blue gem or an earthy-colored Taurus stone? The Taurus gemstone from the Bible, lapis lazuli, comes in blue. Sapphire and azurite both echo this blue color. On the other hand, choices of planetary birthstone for Taurus are of earthy colors. Emerald and malachite reproduce the brilliance of the verdant earth, while garnet, along with rose quartz, bears an even earthier tone.

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Published October 21, 2019