VIRGO BIRTHSTONE: 8 Lucky Stones for the Methodical Folk

The Virgo folk are sharp and thorough. Their analytical and methodical nature gets the trickiest work done in the most efficient manner. Virgo’s influence, however, renders a person nervous and restless, and his keen sense of reality may drive him toward negativity. Courage and optimism are the foremost virtues that choices of Virgo birthstone are believed to bring.


The foundations of the city’s wall were adorned with all kinds of precious stones. The first foundation was jasper; the second, lapis lazuli … the sixth, sard …

— Revelation 21:19-20

Sard, from the Greek sardion,1 is the Virgo birthstone from the Bible. Known by the Hebrew name odem,2 sard is the 6th Foundation Stone in the Book of Revelation, and is accordingly associated with the 6th sign of the zodiac, Virgo.


The brownish red variety of chalcedony, sard reproduces the earthy color of the Virgo zodiac sign.


While sard was the Virgo birthstone from the Scripture, today carnelian has almost thoroughly taken sard’s place.

Carnelian and sard are both red varieties of chalcedony. The difference lies in the shade. Sard is a darker brownish red, whereas carnelian draws toward a soft orange. The shade in between can be quite difficult to distinguish between sard and carnelian. In consequence, the terms sard and carnelian are often used interchangeably.


Since the time of the Chaldeans, agate is the gemstone associated with Mercury.3 Mercury’s rulership over the zodiac sign makes agate the planetary Virgo birthstone.

Agate is the banded variety of chalcedony. Light brown agate in particular is recommended by zodiacal authority Rupert Gleadow, as this gem reproduces Virgo’s earthy color.

From Mauro Cateb, CC BY-SA 3.0


Astrologers from Chaldea linked emerald with Mercury,4 Virgo’s ruling planet. The same is true to this day in India, where emerald is Mercury’s primary stone. Mercury’s rulership over the zodiac sign accordingly makes emerald the planetary Virgo birthstone in both Western and Hindu astrology.

Emerald is the green variety of beryl, otherwise known as aquamarine in sea-green.


Jade is a gemstone that the Hindus designate as alternate gem for Mercury,4 and is hence a planetary Virgo birthstone.

Jade comes from either of two distinct minerals. The expensive jadeite produces the intensely green jade, while a milky green jade comes from nephrite.

Moss Agate

The Chaldeans associated agate with Virgo’s ruling planet, Mercury,4 thus making agate a planetary Virgo birthstone. Of the gems called agate, moss agate has been identified in particular as Virgo stone.5

Moss agate is distinguished by moss-like green inclusions in a body of white quartz.

Magnetite ringFrom Steelerdon at English Wikipedia, CC BY 3.0


Also known as lodestone, magnetite is the gemstone associated with Mercury in the Middle Ages, as well as in the 1500s.4 Mercury’s rulership over the zodiac sign makes magnetite a planetary Virgo birthstone.

Gray in color, magnetite is an iron ore from the same mineral group as spinel, ruby’s closest substitute. As the name suggests, magnetite is capable of magnetism.

From Ra’ike, CC BY 3.0


Rhodochrosite is a pink Virgo birthstone.6

Rhodochrosite ranges in color from rose red to light pink, and may be laced with white bands.

Virgo Charm Bracelet

Virgo Birthstone Color

Which Virgo birthstone do you think is the one? Choices of Virgo gemstone come in earthy colors. Sard and carnelian are both brownish in hue, while brown agate is said to be the most suitable planetary birthstone for Virgo. Even in Indian astrology, Virgo is assigned an earthy color: green, wherefore emerald or jade is the Virgo stone to choose.

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Published October 23, 2019