Top 10 Emerald Meaning & Properties

From the diverse emerald properties one can tell that this green gem is the most beloved gemstone of all time. No set of metaphysical properties from another stone is more extensive. Do you know the most magical emerald meaning and properties?

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1 Gemstone for the Eye

The intense green of emerald is the source of many emerald meaning and metaphysical properties. Just as an optometrist may advise his patient to rest the eyes by looking at green grass and leaves, the ancients turned to the green of emerald to refresh their eyes. One of emerald benefits was accordingly to restore the eyesight.

According to Theophrastus, because of how emerald was good for the eyes, people carried seals made of the stone — so as to see better.

Pliny of Rome echoed this belief in one of emerald properties. Of gems, he said, the emerald alone, when looked at intently, satisfies the eye without cloying it. Indeed, even after straining our sight by looking at another object, we can restore it to its normal state by looking at an emerald. Engravers of gemstones find that this is the most agreeable means of refreshing the eyes. The mellow green color of the stone soothes fatigue off the eyes.

Leonardus from the 1500s echoes the belief in emerald as a restorer of sight, and attributes this therapeutic property to its color. So delightful is the emerald’s color, he says, that there is scarce any jewel that affords a greater refreshment to the eyes.

Arabs and Persians dwell even deeper into the optical aspect emerald healing properties. They use emerald, constantly fixed before the eye, to stop the flow of fluid caused by weakness of the optical nerve and bring out all impurities.

2 Emerald Uses in Divination

Not only present images, but future events can be glimpsed with an emerald. Emerald properties include revealing things previously unknown to the owner.

However, in using the emerald to foretell future events, it is not sure whether one actually sees visions in the stone — as clairvoyants claim to do in spheres of rock-crystal or beryl — or whether the emerald mentally endowed the owner with fore-knowledge of what is to come. What is stated unequivocally by the Catholic bishop Marbodus of the 11th century is that the emerald is approved of in all kinds of divination.

To exercise emerald powers to predict the future, Arabians put the stone under the tongue.

Emerald foretells the future not only through visions, but also by presenting itself as an omen. Even in modern times, the fall of an emerald from its setting was considered an ill omen. When George III of Britain was crowned, a large emerald fell from his diadem. To this omen was attributed the loss of America from the empire during his reign.

3 Emerald Charm for Memory

Emerald not only gives vision of the future, but boosts its wearer’s knowledge of the past as well. One of emerald properties is indeed the ability to restore the memory. Where one wished to strengthen his memory, he was sure to attain this by acquiring a fine emerald.

4 Emerald Benefits for the Mind

Emerald not only strengthens the memory, but also sharpens the wits and quickens intelligence. A belief that goes as far back as the Greek philosopher Aristotle is emerald powers of persuasion in pleading a cause.

By boosting intelligence, emerald makes its wearer eloquent and persuasive in speech. Emerald renders its wearer comfortable with words too, thus enhancing his candor. These emerald properties render even a shy and inarticulate person candid and witty.

Indeed, as the Greek philosopher Aristotle states, emerald increases its owner’s importance in presence and in speech during business. As a consequence, the gem gives victory in trials and helps settle litigation. Little wonder indeed that emerald was a favorite gem of businessmen and lawyers.

To this day, one emerald meaning is the promise of success.

5 Emerald Meaning Love

Ancient Egyptians called emerald the “lovers’ stone.” Said to bring fertility, emerald was considered an appropriate gift for young lovers. Emerald is commonly assigned to Venus, the Roman goddess of love and fertility. As Venus’ gem, emerald revives conjugal love, and keeps the spouses’ faith in each other. The strength of love and marriage is indeed an ancient emerald meaning.

Emerald properties in acting as omen apply to love as well. Emerald reveals adultery. As an infallible test of chastity, emerald flies into pieces to betray or punish the violation of marriage.

Indeed, people whose hearts had been smitten with love find in emerald an invaluable charm, since the stone reveals the truthfulness of lovers to their vow.

To this day, emerald significance as a symbol of love remains strong.

Emerald stoneFrom Mauro Cateb, CC BY-SA 3.0

6 Emerald Powers for Wealth

Another of emerald properties is the ability to confer riches. The stone was believed to invite good fortune and render its wearer shrewd in business. The gem also makes men economical. By rendering its wearer wise in spending, the green gem increases his wealth.

As a result, the possessor of an emerald would never become poor. Hence, anyone who loves material possession would find emerald a desirable talisman.

However, Cardano of the 1500s was skeptical over this emerald meaning, since his experience as well as others’ showed that the emerald possessed very little power in this direction.

Arabs and Persians echo this skepticism. Those who have practically put an emerald to the test have come to the conclusion that the possession of this stone does not secure wealth forever. On the contrary, many people who had in times of prosperity purchased emeralds at heavy cost were known to, when fortune frowned at them, dispose of the gems at nominal price.

7 Cures Against Poison

Another name for emerald in India is garalari. This name of emerald meaning “enemy of poison” is indicative of the great repute that the stone enjoyed in India as an antidote to all poisons, whether they came from animals, minerals or vegetables.

Indeed, a genuine emerald was believed to be infallible remedy for all cases of poisoning. Snake bites with which incantation and medicine are of no avail were deemed curable by emeralds.

Arabs and Persians echo the Hindus’ belief in emerald healing properties  against poison. Whether worn or taken as medicine, emerald is an antidote to poison, as well as to venomous bites, including those of wasps, bees and scorpions.

8 Emerald Healing Properties

Besides epilepsy and poison, emerald healing properties apply to various illness and discomfort.

The Hindus hold emerald as potent medicine in curing not just poison, but other illnesses as well. In Sanskrit medicine, emerald is considered good as purgative, in helping digestion, in curing biliousness, removing disrelish and warding off spectral influence. Emerald was also applied to the lips to stop hemorrhage.

Arabs and Persians have even more extensive list of emerald healing properties.  Whether worn or taken as medicine, emerald stops vomiting and purging of blood, and is likewise a powerful remedy for jaundice, liver complaints, stricture, gravels and leprosy. Worn in a gold ring, emerald also cures cholera. Ashes of burnt emerald, on the other hand, heal all ulcers when rubbed over the affected parts.

An Arab physician in Moorish Spain, Abenzoar, recommends the tincture of emerald as an internal remedy for the cure of dysentery. He also claims to have cured a patient suffering from this disease by making him wear an emerald.

Besides dysentery, venomous bites and epilepsy, Boetius de Boot of Belgium also prescribed emerald for the cure of pestilential fevers.

However, Boetius de Boot says that where emerald failed to cure any disease or prevent any evils, it shivered into atoms. Emerald is bound to expel evil, so when the stone fails to do so, the emerald gets itself vanquished.

Emerald properties make the gem helpful during childbirth too. The stone hastens labor and preserved women when giving birth. For this purpose, women bind an emerald to their thigh, or wear the stone in an amulet or ring.

9 Healthy Emerald Properties

Emerald not only prevents illness and diseases, but promotes overall good health.

A talismanic emerald from the Mogul emperors of Delhi comes with Persian inscription around the edges that reads, “He who possesses this charm shall enjoy the special protection of God.” Indeed, Arabs and Persians believe in emerald meaning of bestowing divine protection to its wearer, particularly in matters of health.

Whether worn or taken as medicine, emerald quickens the action of the pulse, gives nourishment to the stomach, allays unhealthy thirst and removes all bodily pains.

Emerald properties is even said to include the ability to give immortality. If its wearer was unmarried, the stone also rendered him invisible.

10 Emerald Significance Against Anxiety

Emerald strengthens not just the body, but the mind as well.

Hanging from the neck, emerald drives away vain fears. By boosting courage and constancy of mind, emerald also alleviates worries. These emerald properties reinforce the wearer’s resolve, allowing him to move forward.

Hindus, Arabs and Persians agree on the emerald meaning that chases away mental unease. Whether worn or taken as medicine, the emerald bestows contentment of the mind, and gives nourishment to the soul, heart and brain. The stone also removes all mental pains.

Emerald Stone Meaning

Emerald benefits outnumber those of other gems. Quite extensive are emerald healing properties, which run the gamut from epilepsy to anxiety. The emerald powers of restoring the eyesight and boosting one’s health are highly valued too, as are emerald properties of strengthening the intellect. Emerald uses in divination are even more interesting to many. However, the most enduring is emerald meaning of love, as are emerald powers of bringing success. There is little wonder indeed how an emerald charm is so expensive from ancient times to this day.

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Published April 5, 2020