Top 10 Garnet Meaning & Properties

Garnet is a warrior stone that was actually used as a bullet. The color of fire and of blood in the gem inspired garnet meaning, healing properties and metaphysical powers. What are the most magical garnet properties?

Red garnet stone

1 Enriching Garnet Properties

Given the identification of garnet with ruby under the name carbuncle, garnet is considered to possess the same marvelous and medicinal virtues as the ruby. The people of India in particular believe red garnet meaning to include good fortune. One of the red garnet properties is the mystic virtue of increasing wealth and progeny. The stone makes a mighty increase of one’s prosperity.

2 Garnet Healing Properties

As is the case with ruby, garnet meaning has to do with health. The red gemstone gives and preserves the health of the body. Garnet properties include driving away poisonous and infectious air, thus protecting its wearer from illness. The stone is also used as an amulet to heal the heart, circulation and diseases of the blood. Garnet was a talisman against the plague and all evil spirits, and even kept a house safe from lightning strikes.

3 Garnet Charm for Honor

The Book of Seals describes garnet as a stone that protects and preserves not the just the health, but the honor of the wearer as well. Indeed, beside health and riches, honor is another garnet meaning. Garnet properties include not only boosting one’s chances of success and increasing his wealth, but enhancing and keeping his popularity as well. Wearing the gemstone is hence sound and auspicious.

4 Crystal for Wisdom

Garnet meaning includes wisdom. The stone attracts great wisdom, particularly in terms of prudence and humility. Indeed, it is interesting how this same charm of good fortune represses luxury, and takes away vain thoughts. Garnet properties even includes reconciling differences among friends.

5 Garnet Meaning Animation

Comparing garnet to a glowing coal, the Romans held the gem to symbolize fire and stimulus. The fire-breathing dragon’s eyes were said to be carbuncles. The gemstone’s association with the dragon highlights garnet meaning as a stone of fiery passion.

Foremost of garnet properties lies in stimulating animation. This fiery-red gemstone exhilarates the soul, and inspires enthusiasm in its wearer. As a consequence, the stone reinforces one’s courage.

Garnet was accordingly recommended as a heart stimulant. However, so powerful was garnet powers that the wearers were rendered angry. They were even warned to be on their guard against attacks of apoplexy.

6 Garnet Powers of Joy

Joy is another garnet meaning. As an animating stone, garnet chases away sadness and brings joy. According to Encelius, if hung about the neck or taken in a drink, the granatus, as garnet was then called, resists sorrow and recreates the heart. The gemstone thus relieves its wearer of loneliness and brings him back his vitality.

The passion that garnet inspires allows the bearer to experience life on a profound level, and to consequently find meaning in life and draw happiness from it. With these animating and enlivening garnet properties, the gem protects the wearer from depression and propels him toward happier disposition.

7 Garnet Benefits in Love

Not only in passion, but garnet meaning is also found in love, and even sensuality. Garnet properties include bringing constancy with fidelity to all obligations. To this day the gemstone is a symbol of constancy.

8 Talisman of Courage

In Rome, the fiery-red garnet represented Mars, the god of war and bloodshed. Due to this garnet meaning of bravery and strength, the gemstone was a fitting talisman for a warrior to bring in the battlefield. As much as garnet properties consist in stimulating passion, the stone gives courage to the heart.

9 Garnet Uses in War

The gemstone’s red color similar to that of blood adds to garnet uses as a warrior stone. Not only was garnet believed to confer invulnerability from wounds; some Asiatic tribes used the stone as actual bullet. This practice was based on contrary garnet properties, where the blood-colored stone is believed to inflict a more deadly wound than would a leaden bullet.

The rebellious Hanzas in 1892, in particular, used garnet bullets during their hostilities with the British troops on the Kashmir frontier. Many of these precious ammunition ended up preserved as curiosities.

10 Stone of Calm

An anonymous Bohemian manuscript of 1391 lists opposite garnet meaning. While others state that the stone gives off heat and stimulates passion, the author says otherwise. The color of the gemstone is key in the difference of opinion. While the others say that red has animating effect, the author claims that the red of garnet absorbs the heat of fever and passion.

As a result, garnet properties include a calming influence on quarrels, discords and hot temper. The stone even brings sleep to the sleepless. Possibly in this regard, garnet is held as a gem of peace.

Garnet Stone Meaning

Garnet properties are many and in parts contradictory. As the carbuncle of old, garnet benefits are similar to ruby’s. Garnet healing properties involve purifying the blood and strengthening the heart and circulatory system. Garnet meaning is passion and peace at the same time. The garnet powers to enhance courage led to garnet uses in war, even as actual bullets. Garnet metaphysical properties are indeed diverse. The spiritual meaning and  magical powers attached to garnet indicate how much the world loved this most celebrated birthstone.

Garnet as Birthstone

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Published March 26, 2020