Top 10 Diamond Meaning & Properties

Diamond in gem lore was a fatal poison believed to cure all others, and do many more wonderful magic. What are the diamond meaning, healing benefits and metaphysical power that make this most valuable of gems an invincible charm? Know all these powerful diamond properties.

Diamond on a classic solitaire ring From Theresia987, CC BY-SA 3.0

1. The Unconquerable Force

Diamond, then known as adamant, is arguably the most popular gemstone of them all. Foremost of diamond properties is its hardness.

The ancients tested the authenticity of diamonds on an anvil. Genuine diamond is so hard that when pounded by an iron hammer, the latter’s head may split in two upon impact. It was this unrivaled hardness of real diamond that earned it the name adamas, which by its Greek origin meant “unconquerable force.” From the word adamas came the name diamond.

2. Gemstone of Fearlessness

Its unrivaled hardness shaped diamond properties. Brilliant and resistant, the diamond, like a knight in shining armor, is the emblem of fearlessness and invincibility.

Diamond is believed to disperse fear. Diamond power endows its wearer with courage and fortitude, which accordingly render him bold, daring and fearless. As a talisman, diamond is indeed kept for bravery and strength of mind.

3. Talisman of Invincibility

Not only the gift of a courageous attitude, but also actual strength of superior quality is among the dearest of diamond properties. With the courage and strength that the gem bestows, diamond is indeed thought to bring victory. This diamond power made the gemstone a popular talisman of invincibility.

4. Destroyer of the Enemy

Diamond power of invincibility is particularly helpful against one’s foes.  Diamond makes its wearer strong and powerful against his enemies. In the same way that diamond by its Greek name adamas is the “unconquerable force,” this gem makes its wearer unconquerable by his enemies.

So powerful was diamond that the gem enables its wearer to quell all quarrels and contentions, and even tame wild beasts.

5. Emblem of Virility

The diamond power to render its wearer fearless and unconquerable made the stone particularly attractive to men. By the Middle Ages, diamond was regarded as a symbol not only of courage and invincibility, but of virility as well. In Europe, diamond in jewelry became the exclusive privilege of men up to the late Middle Ages.

6. Bringer of Good Fortune

Nowhere are the beneficial diamond properties held with steadfast conviction than in India. The Hindus believe well-formed rough diamond to bring prosperity, longevity, marital happiness, children, livestock and good harvests. Upon classifying colored diamonds into castes, the Hindus hold the colorless diamond as the Brahmin, the variety of the highest order. This diamond the Indians believe to give power, friends, riches and good luck.

7. Protection Against Evil

Diamond is an esteemed safeguard of virtue. Diamond healing properties indeed include protection against poison, pestilence, witchcraft, insanity, evil spirits and nightmare. Marco Polo agreed that this ideal talisman keeps away all dangers and bad luck.

For St. Hildegard, the diamond resists the devil’s power all the time and thus makes a great enemy of him, who thus recognized the sovereign virtue of the stone. Mandeville of the 14th century indeed says that diamond power imparts a cure not only for lunatics, but also “for those whom the devils have worked upon.”

8. Symbol of Innocence

Power against evil is among the diamond properties ascribed to the gemstone by virtue of its transparency and purity. Diamond itself serves as a test of one’s morality. As Sir John Mandeville says, “it happens often that the good diamond loses its virtue by sin and for incontinence of him who bears it.”

To this day, diamond is a symbol of innocence.

9. Gem of Reconciliation

Rueus calls diamond “a gem of reconciliation,” since it enhanced the love of a husband for his wife. This diamond meaning encompasses the softening of a spouse’s wrath, thus strengthening wedded love.

Indeed, notwithstanding its initial exclusivity to men, diamond is not without its feminine virtues. By enhancing wedded love, diamond stands as a symbol of constancy and faith.

10. Diamond Healing Properties

Diamond properties include imparting good health to the body. The stone was said to have all power over disease and poison, however deadly.

Mandeville of France wrote that diamond healing properties include protection of the limbs and other bones. According to Arabic and Persian lore, hexagonal-cut diamonds worn in the arms cure epilepsy. Tied around the thighs of the woman about to give birth, diamond assuages the sufferings of tedious labor pain and ushers in a safe and speedy delivery.

Enduring Diamond Properties

Today diamond remains among the most popular and most valuable of gems. Though its popularity now stems mostly from its sheer value as human possession, diamond properties from ancient folklore sustain the gemstone through.

Many people still believe in diamond healing properties. Of the diamond metaphysical properties, men love the gem’s power to impart physical protection. Women cherish the diamond meaning of enhancing love. Diamond, symbol of purity, remains quite a popular birthstone.

People love diamond not only on account of its brilliance or durability, but also of the belief that diamond benefits them magically.

Diamond as Birthstone

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Published March 14, 2020

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